Can you help me with other forms if I need assistance?

Yes, we help our customers with many different forms including medical forms.

Do you pay my bills for me?

PHA will help you by organizing your bills, checking to see that you are getting your income checks, and helping you to write your checks. Your bills are always paid with your income on time and without unnecessary late charges.

How do I refer someone for help from PHA?

You can call PHA at 614-463-1788 or have your case worker or service coordinator call for you.

What does it cost?

PHA has a standard rate for services for One Time, 6-Month, and 12 Month service plans. We strive to meet your ability to pay. Your hourly fee for service is determined by our Personal Expense Manager with your first visit. Several factors are taken into consideration such as your income, medical and other fixed expenses. After study, your hourly service fee will be determined. This hourly fee is reviewed annually by our expense managers.

In some cases, clients may be eligible for discounted services or grants to cover the cost of our services.

Who can receive help from PHA?

Seniors who are over 60 years of age, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and anyone of any age who lives in Franklin county and the eight surrounding counties are eligible for this assistance. We are here to help stabilize your finances.

Only in extreme cases, PHA Financial Advocates reserves the right to deny or terminate our client services and will notify the client of this change in service in writing.

Will I have to give up my checkbook if you help me?

No, all PHA clients keep their checkbook with them and in their control.

Will I have to leave my home to get help with my bill paying?

No, we will set up a mutually agreed upon monthly schedule of service. We will then come to your home to help you pay your bills.

Please note that all of our staff are bonded for your protection.